Patents & Certificates

Organic Microalgae Certification from Chinese
Organic Agribusiness Association (COAA-Taiwan)
for organic spirulina and organic chlorella available from Febmico.

Through the special low-presure flash expansion broken cell process, chlorella cell wall crack in 3 seconds and the srufaces reveal numerous pores (similar to popped corned). Data show that the digestibility rate of chlorella is increased up to 85%.


Scientific studies publised in the Journal of Medical virology 70:119-125(2003) and U.S. patent (US6346408) have shown that Apogen is effective in preventing enterovirus 71 and influenza A, B infections.


Oral formulation for anti-viral prevention based on Apogen.

FEMICO organic spirulina is certified by Germany Naturland (NL-RC-1309-B), an IFOAM accredited organization. Organically produced spirulina without Chilean Nitrate.

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