1976 Far East Mcroalgae Ind Co., Ltd.(FEMICO) was founded in Ping-tung next to environmentally protected spring water source. Total area is 140,000 M2 including 100,000 tons of microalgae production ponds and manufacturing facilities.
1987 Micro-encapsulated artificial planktons was developed. The survival rate of shrimp larvae was enhanced from 15% to 85%.
1989 Cooperation with German company to develop and produce microalgae skin care products.
1995 Research project of phycobiliproteins was started.
1998 Application of microalgae in antivirus and anticancer was started.
2000 ISO-9001:2000 approved
2001 US patent of APC inhibiting virus reproduction is acquired.
2002 BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH approval on Spirulina organic aquaculture.
  R&D center was spin-off as Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. to further develop biomedical uses for microalgae related products such as immuno-diagonostics.
2003 Patent approval for Chlorella cracked cell wall process. Organic Spiralina certified by Naturland accredited by IFOAM.
2004 GMP certification
2005 COAA Certified Organic Chlorella


Far East Biotech