As the specialized microalgae producer, we are in a flexible position to supply raw material, bulk tablets, extract ingredients for food supplement and skin care industries. OEM services are also welcome. Customized formulation is available. Our R&D team is capable of meeting with your requirements.

Unique Features:

  • Pure strain cultivation
  • Free from GMO
  • The only farm in the world to cultivate Spirulina with clean mineral water
  • Free from contaminations of heavy metals , microcystins or other algae toxins
  • Higher contents of Beta-carotene, Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll, Vitamin B group, GLA.
  • Free from pesticides and herbicides.
  • Pleasant taste and odor.
  • Low ash (sodium) content
  • Direct compressed tablets from 100% powder without any binders, excipients or suga

Raw material and semi-product
Dietary Supplement
Aquaculture Feeds
Skin Care System


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