Microalgae Extract Skin Care System

Implementing technologies developed from collaborating with a German company, we have created the miraculous and innovative products, Narogen®, extracted from three kinds of microalgae that could effectively energize and revive skin cells. The vital nutrients in the specially formulated products can be spontaneous absorbed into the dermis when applied to the skin. This breakthrough ingredient instantly improves firmness, elasticity and brightness and stimulates collagen regeneration to prevent skin aging.

Not surprisingly, more and more cosmetic products are looking for active ingredients extracted from those vivacious marine organisms due to its unique vitality and special characteristics to against diseases. Thus many cosmetic products company such as Estee Lauder (US), Kose (Japan), and Clarins (France) have focused on using marine organisms to develop latest generation of cosmetic products.

Narogen® is an active microalgae essence and can moisturize and rejuvenate the skin cell in short amount of time. Its can induce skin metabolic rate, promote blood circulation, and therefore prevent the rapid aging of skin cells resulted from the environments.

กด Microalgae Whitening Mask
กด Energy Collagen Mask
กด Microalgae Firming Body Wrap
กด Slimming Salt
กด Intensive Microalgae Essence



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